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  • Hi,

    I'm using the Dynamic Workflow solution starter and as I get approvals or make changes to a stage I get several email messages.  I'd like to only get one email and eliminate the others is there a way to do this.  I've outlined them below

    Email Message 1 Outlined: 

       From: Project Web App

       To: Workflow Approver

       Subject: Workflow Initaited: Approval required for Project: "Project Name"

       Body: Contains just a link to the Approval

    Email Message 2 is a Task Assignment alert even though I've turned off all my alerts and reminders.

    Has the same from and to as above but the subject states:

        "Project Server Workflow Tasks - Approval required for project: '...has been assigned to you

    Then the Body as in large font "Task assigned by System Account on 10/1/2011' and then some info to link to review and complete the task. (one link only)

    Then Email 3 is exactly the same as the Alert email but it is just a straight email but has several links. (I want to keep this one and drop the others)

      It has a link to the workflow items that is initiated.

      Then contains this

       "To complete this task:"

       "1.  Review "Approval required for project: "Project name""  (this is a link)

       "2.  Perform the specific activities requried for this task"

        "3. Use the Open this task button to mark the task as complete (If you cannot update this task, you might not have access to it, Click here to request access.)"

    Ideally message 3 works best and I'd like to eliminate the others.  I could always create rules in Outlook to delete the others but I'd rather control them from the workflow solution starter and PWA.

    Any ideas how I might do this?



    Donald R. Landry
    Saturday, October 1, 2011 2:55 PM

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  • Donald,

    I have been having "fun" with Project Server Workflow Tasks and generating alerts - I found this in my searching and hope it helps you:

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    Thursday, May 3, 2012 11:17 AM