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  • Hi all,

    On Windows, I'm running a weather app that I want to expand dramatically over various markets. I currently have around 8k active users per day, but I think I'll triple these easily in the current months when supporting more markets.

    Now, I'm thinking of this new feature that loads precipitation-radar images on top of a maps control in the client app. These transparent .PNGs I want to store on Azure Blob Storage. Those .PNGs are around 100kb, and for every 'radar session' you'd need around 10/15 of them (a .PNG for every 5 minutes) - let's say 1.5MB per session

    Now let's say the average user uses this radar feature 5x a day. That would mean, (5 * 30.000) * 1.5MB) * 30 (days a month) = 6.750.000 MB = 6750 GB per month

    Looking at the pricing details here: http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/data-transfers/, this would mean that my average Azure costs would be around = 437 EUR.

    Is my way of thinking and calculation correct?


    Sunday, July 12, 2015 9:12 AM


  • Hi Niels,

    Thanks for posting your query here!

    As I understand you have a weather app with 8k active user per day and would like to expand the markets with 30k active users per day (Expected).

    1.5MB per session

    5 sessions a day = 7.5

    30,000 Active Users

    30 (days a month) - Service Availability.

    (5 * 30.000) * 1.5MB) * 30 (days a month) = 6.750.000 MB = 6750 GB per month

    You fall under Zone 1 - $0.087 per GB

    Azure Cost - 6750 GB * $0.087 per GB = $587.25 (437 EUR)

    As per my understanding your calculation is correct.

    Best Regards

    Sadiqh Ahmed


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    Monday, July 13, 2015 4:08 AM