Azure Container Service (Kubernetes) : Incorrect padding RRS feed

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  • Guys, 

    Im creating an Azure Container Service, using this command:

    az acs create --name acs-cluster --resource-group ACSResourceGroup --orchestrator-type kubernetes 

    And I am encountering this error over and over again. 

    usage: az acs create [-h] [--output {json,tsv,table,jsonc}] [--verbose]
                         [--debug] [--query JMESPATH] --resource-group
                         [--orchestrator-type {Custom,DCOS,Kubernetes,Swarm}]
                         --name NAME [--tags TAGS] [--windows]
                         [--admin-password ADMIN_PASSWORD]
                         [--ssh-key-value SSH_KEY_VALUE]
                         [--admin-username ADMIN_USERNAME]
                         [--agent-count AGENT_COUNT] [--master-count MASTER_COUNT]
                         [--location LOCATION] [--client-secret CLIENT_SECRET]
                         [--agent-vm-size AGENT_VM_SIZE]
                         [--service-principal SERVICE_PRINCIPAL]
                         [--generate-ssh-keys] [--dns-prefix DNS_NAME_PREFIX]
    az acs create: error: Incorrect padding

    Can't find enough documentation, or blogs for this error. I've been following the documentations all through out setting this up, but error in doing the ACS.

    Hoping to find some answers here.

    Monday, March 20, 2017 6:03 AM

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