Custom borderless from *vs.* Normal WinForm - Performance tips? RRS feed

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  • Is there any reason why a borderless form with a custom titlebar (dragable, but not resizable) and custom close/min buttons would be faster than keeping the default windows form?

    Is there any way I can greatly increase performance, use as little RAM/CPU as possible?

    Thanks in advance.

    When creating multiple forms in one application, if those forms don't directly communicate with one another,  will you achieve better performance by making the projects separately and, if you wanted to open the project from the primary application, instead of "form2.show" you'd execute the form's filepath? Would this increase performance at all? 
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  • No reason I know of that a borderless form would be "faster".

    What do you mean by faster? As far as form loading and etc no difference.

    As far as increasing memory and resource use again no reason a borderless form would make any difference.

    If you mean how can I make my application faster that is different than just the form and depends what your app is doing.

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