how to get "Message-ID" in email downloaded from Exchange server? RRS feed

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  • I have some mails downloaded from Exchange Server to my mobile device
    using ActiveSync. I want to get the message ID of the mail, i.e. the field in a message header, like the following:
    Message-ID: <8838cfjkjjw489jkdkd9s9342d83@xyz.com>
    I have tried to use the "PR_INTERNET_MESSAGE_ID" property (this macro
    is in fact not existed in the SDK and I found the tag number 0x1035001f on the web) but fail. And then I tried to examine the MIME message body myself using the "PR_CE_MIME_TEXT" and didn't find the field "Message-ID:" ...
    For emails downloaded from an ordinary IMAP server, I can find the "Message-ID:" header using "PR_CE_MIME_TEXT". But for those downloaded from Exchange server through ActiveSync, the mail seems to be trimmed a lot -- many headers are missing.
    I know the mails on the exchange server do exist this field but don't know
    if this field is also downloaded to my mobile device ...
    Friday, August 25, 2006 2:46 AM