After I activated my window within File Picker, my application hangs. How can I work around this? RRS feed

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  • If your application has implemented the File Picker extension, it could hang after having its window activated within the file picker.  Microsoft is aware of this issue.  Using the temporary work around below, you can avoid the most common occurrences of this issue:

    1.      Create a copy of UICollections.js and name it UICollections_FilePickerExtension.js

    a.      The main version of the app can continue to use the default version of UICollection.js

    2.      Comment out uses of blur/focus events in UICollections_FilePickerExtension.js for all controls used in the application when hosted within the file picker

    a.      Example with the listView control (lines 15591 & 15592)

    var elementEvents = [

    //listViewHandler("Focus", false, true),

    //listViewHandler("Blur", false, true),




    This work around has been implemented in the Socialite sample app.  In the event that your application does run into this issue, use Task Manager to kill your application’s process.

    Dan Reagan | Microsoft | Windows 8 Support
    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 3:31 AM