Do I need a "Windows 8 wdk based build environment" to certify drivers for "windows server 2012" even when I do not use any "windows 8" specific API ? RRS feed

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  • My driver builds with " win 7 wdk". It passes the "HCK STUDIO" test cases (except 1 test).

    The only thing that is failing is "Static Tools Logo test"

    Now to run "Static Tools Logo test" I need to create a "Driver Verification Log" ( DVL ).

    To create a "Driver Verification Log" I need visual studio 2012(ie windows 8 wdk based build environment).

    So, by induction I will NOT be able to certify any drivers for "Windows server 2012" UNLESS I use a "Visual Studio 2012" based build environment.

    I.E.  I will not only require to BUY visual studio 2012, but I will be required to make changes in my build process to get my driver building in visual studio.

    I.E. Unless I spend few thousands of $ buying visual studio 2012; microsoft will not take my 250$ to certify my driver for windows server 2012.

    Can somebody please confirm the above understanding ?


    Tuesday, December 11, 2012 10:46 AM