Are We going to have an Option for changing prefrences? RRS feed

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  • I love to fiddle and I found that there are items like the sound recorder, snip it, steps recorder and a calculator and a great deal more when by going through the C:\windows\system32 ( eh save for Stepsrecorder).

    I have found a secrete as well. But what I would like to know is will there be a way in which users will be able to change from the UI for more advance and detailed things. I as a consumer always like to have a choice but, I don't think charging an arm and leg for it would be very fair.

    I would like to see a development that would allow us to change from one aspect to another. And some, don't want all the fancy stuff, they jsut want to use there computers the way they want to. Like some want to use DreamScene In Win 7.

    I like the fact that you are asking for the out side community in building apps. In this I do support you and I believe that is a great start in getting people involved.

    I hope that there will be just one version and not 3 versions. this drives many of us consumers Nuts, and many of us felt it to be unfair and created a major bias .It is this very scheme that is driving me and many of my friends and family from "Windows" that and the fact that every time you update software, it makes it difficult for people like my mom to keep track of her notes.

    So Please I beg of you, hear this one tiny little voice. Make it where we have some control over our computers. Give us some control over how we want it to behave.

    In a Nut shell , Will you allow us to have a choice between switching from standard the MUI desktop to the standard desk top?

    and the second question can you please make just 1 version to make it fair for all?



    Friday, December 30, 2011 4:42 AM