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  • I am using Windows Authentication for my Silverlight website hosted in IIS6.  Afters several weeks of blood, sweat and tears I have got this going on My Dev box (server 2003), and it all works.  However when I deploy it to the "test" environment, I get a windows dialog asking for a user name and password!  I do not think it is a setting in IIS.  I have tried just about everything I can think of (even writing activeX hacks to try and crack windows security to get a username)

    I think IIS6 has issues: you have to turn anonymous access on & windows authentication on at the same time from everything I have read, whereas in IIS7+ you should just need to turn windows authentication on, and anonymous off ;(



    But now I am at the stage where I just need to know what is different on my box compared to the test box.  Or if anyone else has any bright ideas on alternatives - I thought I might disable security completely and have a different site for each user type (am desperate!)

    So... where should I be lookign for differences?

    IIS settings (manual process of deployment used - but have checked this several times)

    web.config (is exact copy from dev box)

    ... what else?

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010 11:37 PM