• What is cidaemon.exe? & What does it do task manager?
    • What is SeaPort.exe? & What does it do task manager?
    • What is dumprep 0 -k in start up?

    I've windows xp sp3, HP cpu with intel pentium 4 And I've 2GB RAM,

    1.  USB Gaurd
    2. avastUI
    3. HYservice
    4. ctfmon
    5. CCleaner,

    in startup, but My PC startup is slow about 2 mins and on at shutdown also. when i start my PC it stops upto 2 mins (Displays all Softwares which are placed on desk-top(My Documents, My Computer, My Network places, Recycle Bin, GOM player & GOM Audio only)) But they do not work when i click on a software, even "My Computer" also it takes about 2 min. How can i solve this problem? (and GPRS connection is too low)

    Thursday, June 27, 2013 8:00 PM