Code Analysis Hangs

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  • Hello experts,

    Enabling Code Analysis on Build (or Running Code Analysis from the drop-down Build menu) is causing Visual Studio Professional 2015 with Update 3 to freeze and cease to respond to input while building the current master branch of dnSpy [0]. It seems to be a Visual Studio issue.

    From the Notification Area a Bubble asserts:

    Microsoft Visual Studio is Busy
    Microsoft Visual Studio is waiting for an internal operation to complete. If you regularly encounter this delay during normal usage, please report this problem to Microsoft

    As far as we can tell, the freeze is unique to dnSpy. Running Code Analysis on other Solutions does not cause Code Analysis to hang. Moreover, if we disable Code Analysis on Build for dnSpy, the problem goes away.

    Our operating system is Windows 10 Pro (x64), and our .NET Framework version is 4.5.2. And yes, the hang also occurs for us on Windows 8.1 Pro (x64).

    To reproduce the problem follow the instructions on GitHub [1] to import the project into Visual Studio. Then run Code Analysis to reproduce the issue. As a result of the program freeze, scanning this project for quality and software defects using Microsoft Code Analysis is impossible.



    Tuesday, April 18, 2017 7:30 PM