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  • Hi,
    we experienced a memory warning on Session Server (two node active-passive cluster), the warning is:

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    Session application's current memory consumption has moved up over first warning level. GetSessionIds and GetActiveSessions will be not accepted at this time

    after some record of that warning on the Event Viewer appears another kind of warning:

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    Session application's memory consumption has moved up beyond critical limit. No requests will be accepted and no new sessions will be created until memory usage drops below critical limit.

    after that warning the session become unresponsive, on the OH-SBE the event viewer log several 503 Service Unavailable errors.

    Session is running on a dedicated server with 8Gb Ram (7 Gb free), the w3wp.exe process run on a dedicated application pool under Session-service  user, the process reach more or less 760Mb of allocated RAM.
    I setted up some performance counters to better analyze the behaviour of the Session, the maximum number of Session in memory is 7.

    What can I check to better understand my problem in order to fix it?

    Thanks in advance,
    Wednesday, December 12, 2007 6:51 PM