Windows Store May update - major translation bug in Danish


  • The updated Store UI is great, but you really need to sort out your translation quality. It has been going downhill ever since Vista and the new Store update is just a new low.

    "Top Charts" has been translated as "Bedste diagrammer". "Diagram" means "chart" as used in Excel. The proper translation for "Chart" in this sense would be "Liste", so the translation should have been "Toplister" or something similar. Please do some basic QA on translations!

    I literally had to spend several minutes reverse-translating this nonsense into English to understand what it meant. That is embarrassing!

    You have a pretty big presence in Denmark (and other countries) - you even have several Danes working in Redmond. Why not just run the translated version by a native speaker for 5 minutes? It would pick up a lot of these embarrassing mistakes.

    Saturday, May 17, 2014 8:39 PM