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  • Currently we are developing 64 bit two serial channels drivers and  parallel driver on bus driver for PCI express device.  We implement above 4 driver on i3 Windos 7 PC and work without any problems.

    Then we install above drivers on IBM intellistation Z pro(64bit) machine with windows 7.  We can install one serial channel parallel driver on  bus driver without any problem. If we install two serial channels on bus driver, Drivers install most of time without any problem, But we cannot restart or re-boot machine. We got blue screen. In BIOS Error log we got following errors.

    Most of time :

    DMI Type    : 00

    Source      : SMI Hdlr
    Message Code: 00150900
    Message Data: SERR/PERR detected on PCI bus (no source found)
    Message Data: PCI BUS number 06
     Some time :
    DMI Type    : 00
    Source      : SMI Hdlr
    Message Code: 00150400
    Message Data: SERR:Device signaled SERR SLOT=03 VendorID=xxxx
    Message Data: DeviceID=0B01 Status=00

    In this PC , BIOS has following settings.

    Advaced Setup
    SERR Causes NMI    [Enable(*)/Disable]
    (*) default

    Then we looking about SERR/PERR settings of the PCs which we used.

    In i3 PC which is work without problem :

     In BIOS Settings -> SERR/PERR  disable/enable menu is not present.
     SERR/PERR is disable

    In IBM intellistation Z pro PC:

    In BIOS setting there is SERR disable/enable menu.
     PERR is enable.

    My Question is  it is possible to get   SERR/PERR detection problem because of software problem ?

    Monday, August 5, 2013 10:03 AM


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