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  • I have been playing around with a BTS 2006 installation (not R2) last week and I have several questions.

    Is it possible to create a SOAP receive location without using Web Service Publishing? Does it make sense? Could it be useful in some scenario?

    What is the difference between an HTTP receive location (/MyHttpReceiveLocation/BTSHTTPReceive.dll) and a SOAP receive location (/MySOAPReceiveLocation/MyWebService.asmx) from a client point of view?

    I mean, is it equivalent to send an http post with a SOAP message in its body to /MyHttpReceiveLocation/BTSHTTPReceive.dll and to send the same http post to /MySOAPReceiveLocation/MyWebService.asmx? (I'm assuming the two uses the same pipeline component and schemas).

    What's the internals of the autogenerated Web Service Publishing SOAP web service? It receives the bytes, creates some parameters and invokes what? How many layers are in a SOAP receive location? Does it use in some hidden way BTSHTTPReceive.dll? Why you cannot have a http receive location and soap receive location running in the same process?

    Just wondering how Biztalk 2006  interacts with webservices.  Thanks in advance,

    Thursday, March 12, 2009 10:50 AM