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    For quite some time I've been using VS2010 with multiple workspaces mapped from the same TFS branch to test different variants of a website in parallel. The internal web server (Cassini) seems quite happy to run multiple versions and simply maps a new port number for the second and subsequent instances that start up.

    We are now looking to move to VS2013, so have to use IISExpress since the 'internal' web server is no longer provided.

    How do I configure things so that if I open a single workspace, IISExpress runs against that workspace using the default port number (specified in the solution), but if I open a second instance in a different workspace it correctly uses a new port number and working folder. Do I need to invoke IISExpress using the command line (presumably from each workspace) and specify the relevant defaults or is there some way to enter this in the local config file for IISExpress?

    My initial attempt at editing to config file resulted in the 2nd and subsequent instance using the same physicalfolder as the first instance, presumably because the speficied site name and port number are the same!

    Friday, March 7, 2014 4:35 AM

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  • User1060773311 posted

    Having had time for some more thought, I realised that while the VS2010 web server ran as simple process which served a simple webseit, IISExpress serves multiple sites and simply treats each TFS workspace as a separate site. Since the URL uses the same port number etc, IISExpress simply uses the first site it finds that matches. I'll need to look into using different port numbers to distinguish them.

    Friday, March 7, 2014 9:17 AM
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    Hi Starnamer

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    For your issue, generally Visual Studio and TFS version control are designed to support the use of multiple workspaces on the same machine, here is the reference to use multiple workspaces with Visual Studio, I think it will be good refernece for this topic.

    Using multiple workspaces with Visual Studio

    In addition, for this Visual Studio and TFS issue, you could also get help from Visual Studio Team Foundation Server forums, TFS experts can help you there.

    Best regards

    Angie Xu

    Monday, March 10, 2014 4:20 AM
  • User1060773311 posted

    The problem is that under VS2010, workspaces would be checked out from TFS with the same port number specified for the web site. The 'built in' web server provided with VS2010 would correctly handle this so that running the 'same' web site from multiple workspaces automatically assigned a new port number to the second web site and the web server correctly used it.

    VS2013 uses IISExpress and, in the absence of further configuration, trying to run a website from a second workspace causes IISExpress to run actually run it from the frist, as it matches the port number.

    So far, the only way I've found of resolving this is to check out the solution into each workspace and explicitly modify the port number. Then edit the IISExpress config file to match port numbersto workspaces. It's certainly not as clear or easy as VS2010 was.

    Monday, March 17, 2014 7:40 AM