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  • I'm using the query below:

                    List<SiteDALDescription> siteList = (from s in dc.T_Site

                                                         where s.SiteLocked == false

                                                         orderby s.SiteDescription ascending

                                                         select new SiteDALDescription { ID = s.SiteID, Description = s.SiteDescription }).ToList();

    SiteDALDescription is a class consisting of just an int ID and string Description.  dc is my strongly typed datacontext.  We have >500 tables in the database, so I used SQLMetal to generate the entities.  If I run the above query on a table with no foreign keys, its really fast.  If I run it on a table with lots of foreign keys (hence lots of entitysets are generated for it) then the query is too slow for me to use in my UI.  I only want ID and Description back from one table.  Can I stop it filling all the entitysets?
    I've tried compiling the query, removing the tolist and iterating through the query, making it an anonymous type.  But no matter what I do its still slow on particular tables.  Can anyone help?

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  • Hello DevJon,


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    According to your description, I think you could try to close Deferred Loading. And it turns on by default. In order to turn it off, you can set DeferredLoadingEnabled property to false. Like this:

    BlogDataContext ctx = new BlogDataContext(...);


    ctx.DeferredLoadingEnabled = false;


    var query = from b in ctx.Blogs

                select b;


    You can also Use DataLoadOptions to Control Deferred Loading. Here is an article from codeproject about using DataLoadOptions:

    I hope this can help you.


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    Tuesday, May 10, 2011 8:18 AM