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Using multiple MSDN subscription accounts.. RRS feed

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  • Hi there.. 

    I understand that we cannot merge multiple MSDN accounts under one Azure account, but my question is more about how multiple developers can access the resources of another developer.

    For example if I have the head of a team build a Virtual machine that has a SQL database running on it the other members of the team need access to I see three potential options.

    1) create a site to site VPN from each of the developers Azure subscription and using our in house DC to validate access.

    2) I had another idea about creating a DC in each developers Azure subscription and giving access to the other developers, but as I wrote it down it didnt make sense as the SQL database would still not be accessible from the resources of the other developers.

    3) Create open end points and allow access via an external web connection.  I can see this as a very valid option, but from a security perspective it could be nightmare to manage and audit.  My compliance person would probably walk out if she found out. 

    So I see option 1 as the only viable way to go.... but that this is why I am asking the question, maybe there is another option that I have not thought about.

    I love the idea that MSDN subscriptions comes with Azure benefits, but there are some problems with allowing each developer to have external resources that cannot be controlled/monitored by a central team.

    Thanks in advance.


    Sunday, November 3, 2013 8:16 AM

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  • Does adding co-administrators to your Azure subscription solve your problem? (Azure portal -> SETTINGS -> ADMINISTRATORS -> + Add).


    Monday, November 4, 2013 11:31 PM