XBOX 360 bumper buttons?


  • Before all, my apologize for any my beginner.

    I would like to know about the bumper buttons in XBOX 360. There 4 buttons at top of the controller, 2 for left and 2 for right. I'd like to write the code for the back one (LT / RB) but it looks like no option in Gamepad.Buttons Class. there only for 'A','B','X','Y','Right Shoulder','Left Shoulder', 'Right Stick','Left Stick','Start' and 'Back'.

    I don't know really for 'Right/Left Stick' Is it for clicked in the analog control?.
    and which button for 'Right/Left Shoulder' button, the front one or back one?

    Thank you for any support.
    Tuesday, May 01, 2007 7:53 AM


  • 'Right Shoulder' and 'Left Shoulder' are the front bumpers. The triggers are the back ones. 'Right Stick' and 'Left Stick' are the buttons pressed when you 'click' the thumbsticks.
    Thursday, May 03, 2007 6:45 PM