No context menu in MDS WebUI?

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  • Hi,

    It looks like MDS WebUI does not have a context menu, which would contain the usual Cut, Copy, Paste etc. options for text boxes and such. At the moment we are doing a customer project with MDS2012 and we got feedback from them related to this issue. It looks like some users prefer the copy / paste with context menu (not available in MDS WebUI) to the Ctrl-C / Ctrl-P (which works fine). This lack of it is causing constant irritation to them. 

    I undestand there is some limitation in Silverlight wrt. this, but would it be possible to add support for the context menu in the future updates for MDS 2012?


    Petri Lipponen
    Attido Oy

    Monday, October 14, 2013 9:45 AM