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  • Hello,

    I'm totally new to TFS 2010, even totally new with versioning. Where I work, we want to start with versioning and have chosen TFS2010 for that. Now, our team is only 3 persons big, and mostly, everybody works on his own project, so 99% of the time, only one person works on a certain project.

    Now, what we think we need to do is this:

    - By the creation of a project, make it the main branch

    - branch this branch directly to developer

    - when project seems finished, merge back to main

    - test on main

    - when tests are satisfied branch it to release (say V1)

    Now, here comes the tricky part, our software is used only for the machinery we produce, therefore when installing the machine, bugs can come out and customer requests can be found. So, what we think we should do is this:

    - Label the V1 release to V1.0

    - branche the V1 release to patchbranch

    - when we set up the machine at the customer, and fix some issues that come up and add some customer requests we would then merge the patchbranch with V1 release bracnh and label it V1.2

    Would that be a good strategy? We want as a result that all our main versions end up in different branches, but that we can fix every version when customer found a bug or has a new request.

    I hope you can understand what I'm trying to achieve. We must have an easy way so we can fix bugs and add small features when onsite without connection to TFS, and then have this fixed release version to be on a release branch (because that version will then be used for new machines)


    Thursday, February 16, 2012 3:10 PM