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    Dear all,

    I'm familiar with decryption and have done so succesfully in the past using both third party tools and sql scripts (using XOR).

    However, I have a particular sql stored procedure that I can't modify and when I run the following it returns NULL and yes, I'm connected using DAC (Admin:servername):

    SELECT imageval
    FROM sys.sysobjvalues
    WHERE [objid] = OBJECT_ID('[dbo].[outputxml]')

    The above returns two results (two rows), both NULL.

    Normally, with other encrypted procedures imageval comes up as a value like this: 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

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Wednesday, November 8, 2017 12:21 PM

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  • User347430248 posted

    Hi brainii,

    I try to check the thread and I can see that you are using DAC and decrypting the procedure.

    generally on this forum , we don't handle issues regarding DAC.

    so I try to consult the Support team of SQL SERVER.

    they suggest me to redirect you to their forum.

    you can post your issue in forum below.

    SQL Server MSDN Forum

    they will try to provide you further suggestions to solve the issue.

    I suggest you to close this thread after you post your issue in that forum.

    thanks for your understanding.



    Thursday, November 9, 2017 6:18 AM
  • User-1914637707 posted

    hi, ok i posted as u suggested.

    how to close the thread???

    Thursday, November 9, 2017 7:02 AM