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  • I have an MS Access app where I'm converting the back end from Access tables to Oracle (for integration with other apps).   I have a couple of  screen that won’t accept a check on a checkbox (the check used to update an Access table, but it is now updating an Oracle table).  Knowing that Oracle doesn’t have a Boolean datatype, like Access, we translated the Booleans into Oracle columns with a number DATATYPE, using -1 and 0 as the true/false values).  It worked for a couple of screens, but for one of the screens, but I’m getting a run-time error ‘3027’, cannot update, database or object is read-only error when I attempt to check the box.  The test account that I’m using has read/update  grants, and I can go into the table to update values. 

    I just want to get your take on what could be the source of this the Access/Oracle handling of the Booleans, is it a security thing, or other?  I'm not experienced in VBA, but' I support our Access apps, and can usually fix them.  I need a solution (like yesterday?).  Thanks in advance.

    Friday, July 6, 2012 5:42 PM

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  • I have 4 problems with Oracle:

    1. Booleans

    2. Column names.  Oracle has a lot more reserved words. Had to change Access DB.  This was simpler than changing SQL.

    3. Some SQL.  How dates are handled. Concatenation.

    4. Sort order.  Handling up/lower case.

    I was not using ODBC but was using ADO.  As I developed the app I tested it in both environments.  They had to run in both environments.

    I have also converted apps to run on SQL Server and had several similar problems.  I remember one problem with client/server db cursors.  Took me a week to solve.

    Saturday, July 7, 2012 1:49 AM