upgrading web service (ASMX) which is used by different clients


  • I need advice on upgrading web service which is used by different clients.
    ‘Web service A’ is built using Visual Studio 2010 and hosted on IIS 6.0. This is consumed by an internal web application. ‘Web service B' built by referencing ‘Web service A’  and this service is exposed for external application. ‘Web service B' is hosted on IIS 7.5. I have requirement to upgrade Web service -A'  for internal use to return additional calculated fields to previous result from database and no change to input fields or signatures . How can I upgrade Web service -A' without doing code changes to the Web service -B'/external web application? What is the client considerations when redeploying a web service to same location? Is  it better to have different version of ‘Web service-A’ or redeploy at same location in IIS and do not update the ‘Web service –B’ and its client? Please advise.

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    Wednesday, May 3, 2017 3:44 PM

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