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  • Hi,


    I'm trying to get three Kinects to work on one PC, capturing with only one Kinect at a time (Not being initialized at the same time, using the Unmanaged Skeletal Viewer Example.)


    I'm using two different onboard USB Root hubs, and one PCI Express USB Expansion card. From what I can see in Device Manager, they all seem to work: (Don't think bandwidth is the issue)


    I tested the following using two different PC's and two different PCI Express USB Expansion cards as well. Also used Managed code examples and Unmanaged code examples, which gives the same result.


    - When I reboot with 3 Kinects all being plugged in, none of the Kinects works.

    - Rebooting with 2 Kinects plugged in, both works. (On different USB Root Hubs / PCI Express USB ports)

    - With 2 Kinects working, and plugging in the 3rd Kinect, the 3rd Kinect fails on Init. ("NuiInitialize failed" in Unmanaged Skeletal Viewer). Both of the other Kinects then still works.

    - Now, when I plug one of the working Kinects out and in, this Kinect then also fails on Init. Same with the remaining working Kinect.

    - So now, none of the 3 Kinects can Initialize.

    BUT when I plug all of the Kinects out and only plug 2 back in. These 2 will then work fine again.


    It seems to me that, every time a 3rd Kinect is plugged in, that Kinect won't initialize. (Even though everything seems to look fine in Device Manager.)

    This happens exactly the same on two PCs, one running Windows 7 (32bit) and one Windows 8 (32 bit)


    Anyone else experiencing this? 


    Tuesday, November 8, 2011 7:00 PM