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  • Hi, I have been trying to configure Azure VPN to both Production site, and another Azure location, but it keeps failing to complete.  When trying to connect Azure Locations (vNet to vNet) the Preview Console hangs when trying to display the settings for "Optional Gateway configuration: Subnet, Size and Routing type - Gateway Configuration - Subnet".  The screen sits there "Loading" but doing nothing.

    When trying to configure Azure to Production VPN, I get told that a Gateway subnet must be configured but when I click Finish, it tells me that the IP address is invalid (and, yes, that IP is on a separate subnet to either the Azure or Production Networks).

    So, my question is relatively simple.  Do you have to create all your networks and VPNs before you provision a VM server?  Or is there a way of fixing this problem I have?

    Tuesday, September 22, 2015 2:00 PM

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  • Hi,

    You have different issues here:

    1) The first one is related to a UI hang. This behaviour has been reported by many users in the past, and may disappear at any moment (the portal is in preview). So this is not a configuration issue like your second one

    2) Can you explain more your issue ?

    There are the steps to connect an Azure virtual network to on-premise

    1. Create a virtual network (with an Address space which do not overlap with your on-prem address ranges)
    2. Create at least one subnet on this virtual network (you can create more than one subnet on the same Virtual network)
    3. Create a Gateway for this virtual network : The gateway will need a Gateway Subnet, this is a special subnet just for the gateway feature, it is part of the virtual network address space
    4. Connect your Gateway to your VPN on-premise device


    - You cannot extend a virtual network address space after it's creation. You can add extra address spaces but you cannot extend it

    - You can extend a subnet range after its creation. However that subnet must be not used by any resource. If a machine is deployed in this subnet, you will not be able to extend it

    - You can add subnets to your virtual network at any moment

    - It's recomnded to include all your local networks (on-prem networks) during the Gateway deployment. If you plan to add local network ranges after the VPN establishment, this will need downtime of the VPN

    Please, feel free to ask more questions if you have more specific queries

    Regards, Samir Farhat || Datacenter Consultant || The way to share my knowledge with the community Visit my blog : buildwindows.wordpress.com

    Tuesday, September 22, 2015 2:27 PM