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  • This is on MOSS 07 Enterprise.

    When running a keyword query or fulltext query against the People scope results are missing or inconsistent.

    Fulltext: select lastname, firstname, preferredname from scope() where "scope"='People' and contains(all, '"carve*"')

    Keyword tests: lastname:carve lastname:"carver"

    Given the following profiles in User Profile view and obtained by sepcifying "Preferredname begins with Carve"

    Carver, Bradley
    Carver, Randall
    Carver, Mark
    Carvente, Moises

    Full Text Results:
    Carver     Mark     Carver, Mark
    Carvente    Moises    Carvente, Moises
    Carver    Randall    Carver, Randall

    Keyword result 1: lastname:carve
    Carver    Bradley    Carver, Bradley
    Carver    Mark    Carver, Mark
    Carver    Randall    Carver, Randall

    Keyword result 2: lastname:"carver"
    Carver    Mark    Carver, Mark
    Carver    Randall    Carver, Randall

    OOB People Search: lastname:carve
    Returns all 4

    This is not the only case in which items that should be returned are not returned. In numerous instances the ResultTable or RelevantResults contains a TotalRows of 1 and a RowCount of 0 when, in fact, the result should be 1 row.

    Not only is it frustrating to follow SDK guidelines on using FullText and Keyword query objects, but to have the OOB PeopleSearchCoreResults webpart and SearchResultsHiddenObject use the exact "same" underlying technology to achieve dishearteningly different results is absolutely infuriating.

    Any ideas on a) the problem or b) how to effectively achieve the result functionality of the hacked up OOB solution?



    Thursday, March 5, 2009 7:22 PM