related table not working RRS feed

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  • I have the following relationships: dimdata - factsubset - dimsite and dimdata - allfact - dimsite

    dim data has key data in a 1-N relationship active with both factsubset and allfact. subset limits the data to a specific subset which I am interested in exploring and contrasting to all the data in the table. dimsite is key data connected also to both fact tables. one relationship is active and the other inactive as it causes a secondary loop (factsubset is the active as I need it for many other calculations)

    I have made the measure tot_subdata = distinctcount(factsubset[dimdatakey]) with a slicer to chose sites. works fine.

    I  now want to shown the total from dimdata per site using the same slicer, but it ignores the slicer for site and insists on only giving me the grandtotal not filtered by site. 

    how do I create the measure?



    Monday, February 17, 2020 9:09 AM