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  • I’m posting this here because I’ve apparently hit the brick wall of incompetence.  After contacting two support reps who directed me to the uservoice forum only to be redirected back to the support reps, I have nowhere else to go.  I’m not really asking anything because I’ve already asked it several times and I know I won’t get any answers, but I at least have to vent.

    I cannot get my app to be discoverable in the Windows 10 store.  My app will not appear when searching for any of the seven keywords I used.  My app will not appear when I browse the category in which I submitted my app.  The only way it will appear is if you search for its exact name:  FreeCellSolver.


    I don’t care if my app gets a low ranking.  But, it should at least be discoverable especially in a store with a reputation for not having any apps and especially because as far as I can tell my app is unique.  It just won't appear, though.  Try searching on “FreeCell” and you’ll get results for one “App” and around 130 “Games”.  The “App” is really a game and it’s rated 2.3 stars.  The games include FreeCell games, but also include games like “Chess Unlimited” and “Mahjong HD+”.  There may be more, but for some reason you can’t look at all 130 results.  This new search algorithm is either so brilliant no one can understand it, or it just plain doesn’t work.


    The only reasonable suggestion I got was to “promote my app” (gee, thanks).  But, when I try creating an ad campaign I get the error “The current operation could not be completed. Please try again”, and that’s been happening for weeks.  I conclude from all of this is that either Microsoft will soon discontinue the Windows store, or it’s doomed by incompetence.

    Thursday, September 3, 2015 9:16 PM

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  • I feel your pain. My GViz apps have apparently been knocked out of a search for "GViz" by an app that searches the internet for Miley Cyrus songs called 'Viz'...A bunch of games by a published called "Giz". I've added "GViz" into the keywords, the description, and the title. You'd think that would create a better match than a different word, but no.

    I can concur that your game was very difficult to find. In your case it's even worse. What is the point of having keywords if your app doesn't appear in a search on a keyword you've added? Yet, this is what Microsoft have done.

    Unfortunately Microsoft haven't been particularly helpful on this in the past and their support have even described it as "by design". There are lots of people on this forum complaining, and it seems it's the only thing we can do for now.

    Saturday, September 5, 2015 4:09 PM
  • Thanks for the info.  So many things don't make sense that I'm wondering if there's a language barrier or something.  Maybe Microsoft is trying to cut corners and they hired some developers from North Korea.

    I haven't been able to create an ad campaign for my app, but I just did today.  It seems I can't include the text "FreeCell" or "free cell" in my tag line.  Forgive my bluntness, but how STUPID is that?!

    It's funny, one of the support reps hinted that "FreeCell" was a competitive keyword.  I mean wow, 130 games come up.  Big whoop!  I searched for "Weather" today and 2000 apps come up.  Is that competitive?  It's just plain nuts.  Either that, or someone can't read English.

    Sunday, September 6, 2015 2:46 PM