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  • Hi there,

    I have a shared hosting plan, and that hosting has 3 databases (each 250MB space) I asked the admin if they could join those databases together so I would have one 750Mb database but they told me that they won't do it because of maintainance difficulties.

    So my question is:

    Can I create 3 db's and then access all of them in one stored procedures? - can I access db2 from stored procedure that is located in db1?

    I mean, when I create 3 db's on my local machine I can then query those db's like this:

    select * from [Database ].[Schema].[Customer] as customer
    join [Database2 ].[Schema].[CustomerInfo] ... the rest of code ...

    But I on my local machine I use Windows authentication, so, this is easy. On hosting, each db has it unique User Name and password.  So, I feel that on shared hosting it will be at least tricky or even impossible.

    Could someone please point me to some resources on how to do this task? (Assuming it is possible).

    I was thinking that I place some tables to db1 others to db2 and in the application I will use different connection string for certain tasks, but that is not possible because those table are linked together and I have to do some joins on them. I would like to make this somehow possible because it would be really a waste of space to buy better hosting plan with bigger db when I have already 2 db's that I can't use :(

    Any help, or any suggestion would be really appreciaeted.
    Thanks guys.

    --edit: Oh I'm sorry I saved it to wrong category and don't know how to change it :(
    Thursday, October 8, 2009 10:48 PM


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