VS2015 hyper v deployment, provisioning user experience is very very bad. RRS feed

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    • Host = Win10 Ent With Hyper-V, VS2015 Update 3, WDK for windows 10, Win SDK for Windows 10.

      Guest = Win10 Ent

      My experience when performing this process is dire, I manage to provision the guest and when provisioning completes it corrupts the guest to the point that Hyper-V cannot boot it, I am currently resetting the guest for the second time to see if I can get it to complete the process.

      WinDbg connections through named pipes work fine - it's the VS Experience that is utterly awful - who is the PM for this work, and are they aware of how bad the delivered experience is?!?

      Things that ought to be a lot better:

      Setting up deployment needs to include *working* instructions for firewall disabling and for the rest of the process involved in getting provisioning to actually work - the fw rules posted in the online documentation for the inbound rules simply don't work.  This stuff can be scripted - and it ought to have been.
      Complete manual provisioning instructions need to be made available - they currently are not.
      The provisioning process should never get so tangled that it completely and repeatedly corrupts the Guest OS - never.
      The technical documentation for this whole piece needs to be far more substantial, and provide the user a 360 degree view of everything involved, at the moment it is extremely skinny and tunnel visioned.

      Doron - Don - (anyone from MSFT) is there a contact point we can feed this stuff back to - it's just not good enough.

    Tuesday, August 30, 2016 12:41 AM