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  • We have a website with code like Trace.WriteLine....
    we can view the traces in a tool be the name of TraceTool when the switches are turned on in the web.config and when using XP or Windows 2003.
    ..but we cannot see the traces in Windows 2008.  We turned off the firewall and still no messages.

    Is there anything that needs to be done to Windows 2008 to allow the messages to pass from the web to TraceTool?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010 6:04 AM

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  • I think it's happening because of your machine.config settings are overriding the local settings. You can "google" more about it and find how to solve this by replacing a few XML tags on the machine.config file.

    Good Luck

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010 2:55 PM
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your post. Based on your description, I believe you are configuring tracing for a whole application instead of for a single page.

    To configure tracing for a ASP.NET application, we should add things like below in the application's web.config file.

     <trace enabled="true" pageOutput="false" requestLimit="40" localOnly="false"/>

    Note that the .NET configuration system is organized as a hierarchy.

    Generally speaking, the chain of configuration for an ASP.NET application looks like this:

    systemroot\Microsoft .NET\Framework\versionNumber\CONFIG\Machine.config  ->

    systemroot\Microsoft .NET\Framework\versionNumber\CONFIG\Web.config ->

    individual Web.config file in the application folder / sub folders ...

    So please take a look at this configuration hierarchy to see if something prevent the tracing.

    Some background info: ASP.NET Tracing Overview

    Also, please consider the ASP.NET Configuration forum as a better option.

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  • The "TraceTool" I'm refering too is the 3rd party tool available from SourceForge.  Also, I am not sending traces from a web page, but a web service... so there is no UI.
    Thursday, November 17, 2011 12:48 PM