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    The FBI sent me a web site  www.wc.gov

    You can go into this site and there is a list of internet crime schemes.

    After you get into the site scroll click on Gov.com  then official websight link of gov.com then click on Federal Bureau of Investigation, click report internet crime schemes. the next page will say Welcome to IC3. On the right side of screen click internet crime schemes.  This should bring up a list of the sachemes that the FBI are aware of.


    Also I have recieved in the mail 3 money grams that looked authentic but My name was not on the pay to order spot.  It was signed by a person in Jacsonville FL.  It came Fed EX but was wraped in a plain piece of paper. With nothing stating why I recived these checks.

    This peeked my curiosity and I called Travelers express and they told me to rub a circle on the check and if the #'s didn't disapear it was not authentic. So I did this and yes they were fake.

    I notified Fed EX and Wallmart stores because thats where the supposedly were purchased.  I took them to my local wallmart so they are also aware of this scam.

    So beware there is a lot of identity theft going on out there. I even canceled my credit cards.



    Saturday, April 14, 2007 9:18 PM

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