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  • Very very new user to Expression Web.

    Constructing a web site using a template - I cannot seem to change the font colour on the Master.dwt page - it allows me to select the text and select a different font colour but nothing happens when I click on "apply" - the font stays the same colour.

    What am I doing wrong, or what am I missing?

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  • Please be aware, that whatever your level of web page development experience, EW is a professional development tool and the learning curve that exists requires you to know some HTML and CSS to use it effectively.

    What method are you using to change the colours (I would guess, using the tool bar to select the colour from the colour picker(?)).  You should try to move away from thinking EW is like a word processor; it is not.

    The learning resources on the first post of this forum should help you with some of the basics of EW:

    To jump start, here's some info about setting font colors using CSS

    and finally some info about HTML/CSS, generally (this one is the foundation from which to start):

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  • Find the CSS that sets the font color.  Change that CSS.

    EW has tools that let you select an element and find out what styles apply, and where those styles are set.  (Look at the CSS Properties pane, for example.)

    Now, if you have already been using the toolbar to style the DWT, you may have a mess of overlapping spans with conflicting styles, so the first thing you should do is look in Code View and see what you have. If you see lots of inline styling and spans, clean that up.  With rare exception, styles should be applied to elements using classes, ids, or by styling the elments themselves, not by using the toolbar or applying inline styling to a span around the text you are trying to style.  If you don't understand what you are seeing in Code View, step back and learn HTML and CSS before you continue.  Those are prerequisites for using a professional web design tool.  [The basics of HTML and CSS are not hard to learn, but you'll be flying blind until you do.  :) ]

    Friday, September 27, 2013 2:19 PM