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  • Hi friends,

    This is my scenario:  I've a windows 2008 server with a windows task scheduled every day.  Yesterday the operator show me in the task's history there was an execution from a user that never login to this server (other operator).  This windows task has configured a windows group for execute it,  and the "ghost user" is member of this group.

    my hypothesis is the following:

    The only way this user could be registred like executor of this task is it was logged in on this server and the task executes following the schedule.

    but yet i have doubts about this, so my question are: 

    1) Do Exists a possibility that windows 2008 "choose" randomly the user for executes windows task when the task has configured a windows group from Active directory (where this user is member)?

    2) Would be a bug documented on windows 2008?

    3) Checking the task history i saw that sometimes the user that executes this task is the group (Domain\Group) and other times is the user logged.  Is normal this behavior?

    Aditionally i checked the security viewer on server manager and i didn't find the login of this user. Only there is the login when task is executed.

    Please help me with this



    Tuesday, April 23, 2013 5:06 PM