How to get list of tables and list of columns in those tables in EF RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I have an application using Entity framework. Is there any method to get the list of all tables in the current database. I also need to get the list of columns in each table.

    Wednesday, November 8, 2017 11:13 AM

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  • No, not that I know about. You can use T-SQL scripts that you can run with a stored procedure that you could get the results for about what you are looking for that can be run using the EF backdoor.
    Wednesday, November 8, 2017 4:55 PM
  • I am guessing but it is possible to create an EF model from a View or Stored Procedure, right? That might help.

    Sam Hobbs

    Wednesday, November 8, 2017 8:04 PM
  • Hi SQLNeophyte,

    If you want to get all the tables name and related columns name from the current database, As DA924x said, you could use raw SQL to achieve it. like this:

     using (var db = new EFDemoContext())
                      var query = db.Database.SqlQuery<string>("SELECT t.name FROM sys.tables t").ToList();
                    foreach (var item in query)
                        Console.WriteLine("table name:{0}", item);
                        var subquery = db.Database.SqlQuery<string>(string.Format(@"SELECT c.name  
                            FROM  sys.columns c
                            JOIN  sys.tables  t   ON c.object_id = t.object_id
                            WHERE  t.name = '{0}'",item));
                        foreach (var subitem in subquery)
                            Console.WriteLine("column name:{0}",subitem);

    If you want to retrieve related tables name in entity framework models, you could not try the following sample code.

    #Query related tables information.

    using (var db = new EFDemoContext())
                    var metadata = ((IObjectContextAdapter)db).ObjectContext.MetadataWorkspace;
                    var tables = metadata.GetItemCollection(DataSpace.SSpace)
                                .Where(s => !s.MetadataProperties.Contains("Type")
                                || s.MetadataProperties["Type"].ToString() == "Tables");
                    foreach (var table in tables)
                        var tableName = table.MetadataProperties.Contains("Table")
                            && table.MetadataProperties["Table"].Value != null
                            ? table.MetadataProperties["Table"].Value.ToString()
                            : table.Name;
                        var tableSchema = table.MetadataProperties["Schema"].Value.ToString();
                        Console.WriteLine(tableSchema + "." + tableName);

    About columns information, please refer to the following link.


    Best regards,

    Cole Wu

    MSDN Community Support
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    Thursday, November 9, 2017 6:42 AM