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  • I am building my first mobile app that I’ll need to have an iOS and an Android frontend, but I am starting to build the backend first. I plan to use Microsoft Azure to host the backend. The app is a simple app that collects 5 data elements from the user and uses 4 of those data elements to query a table (leaning towards Azure Table Storage) to return a value. The table is a read only data to the app, and I will add data to the table a few times a year in bulk. Like quarterly data updates. The table will contain ~2 million records and have these fields. ( placeholder field names ATM)







    The frontend app will supply the values of String01, String02, String03 and a date. I will query the table looking for a match on String01, String02, String03 and the date supplied will need to be equal to or greater than StartDate01 and equal to or less than EndDate02. The query will return ReturnValue01.

    So my first question.

                   Having not used Table Storage before, it looks like the data is key-value paired. I have 5 keys and 1 value. How would that be configured in Table Storage? The cost of Table Storage is pennies a month while DocumentDB is ~45.00 a month, that is why I’m leaning towards table storage. I may have more question as I work my way thru building this app, but this is my first learning challenge.

    thank you


    Monday, December 29, 2014 9:15 PM


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