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  • Hi,

    When I try to add a new website it comes up with this error message- i know for a fact we haven't updated our servers and that our website is compatible as my coworker just updated it a week ago (she just left the company so I can't ask her). How can I fix this?

    "Unable to open site. Possible causes:

    1. the web server may  not have the FrontPage Server Extensions installed.

    2. the web server may be temporarily out of service

    3. if you are connecting through a proxy server, the proxy settings may be incorrect.

    4. an error may have occurred in the web server."

    Thursday, January 29, 2015 11:01 PM

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  • If it is an entirely new site with a different name, have you:

    1.registered a new domain for the new site?

    2, and have you created a new account on the server for the new domain with your hosting company?

    Expression Web MVP

    Friday, January 30, 2015 12:22 AM
  • It sounds like you are trying to edit the site "live", rather than having a local copy on your own PC that you edit, then publish. Is that the case?

    If so, it's really up to your hosting company (or IT person if it's a company server) to provide you with the correct credentials for the site.   It appears you are trying to connect via FPSE extensions (an HTTP address): have you verified that the site has those installed?  Or did your co-worker use FTP?

    Once you are dealing with your hosted site, it's not really an EW issue, other than in knowing where to put in the correct publishing credentials.

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    Friday, January 30, 2015 1:17 AM
  • If you are using FPSEs, you may be the last person in the world doing so (and your server company may be the last to host them). Microsoft pulled support for FPSEs a decade ago, and no server operating system since Windows Server 2008 R2 has supported them. That means that they are dead. And your server company may have upgraded their servers to an OS that no longer supports FPSEs. We have seen reports for years of people discovering that their sites no longer work and they got no notice from the web host of the impending changes.

    If you are, indeed, running functions that require FPSEs--change to a new system ASAP!!!, while you still have some control.

    It sounds like your server company has already pulled the rug out from under you. Fingers crossed.

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