How can Win 8 be a true tablet (as current users expect) OS when it cannot communicate when asleep/off? RRS feed

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  • I think that the elephant in the room is that Win 8 does not address what many users have come to expect from a tablet - live communications, even when 'off'.

    Now we know that tablets and phones are not fully off, but have shut down the screen and some subsystems to reduce power. Their OSs have a mechanism to process communications during this time, and notify the user if required.

    I have not seen ANY discussion of how Win 8 will address this at all. In hibernation or off, Win 8 is stone dead, and sleep is the same for all such purposes.

    I would suggest that Win 8 needs to provide a small communications kernal that engages when the CPU is awoken periodically (sub 1s) by hardware to poll for incoming messages. The comms subsystem could then engage the rest of the OS if required.

    However, this then requires that ANY communications program communicate with the OS at a much higher level than previously. Many other functions, like timers, would have to be managed by the same small subsystem as well.

    This will be a major operational departure for many existing apps, not the least of which is Outlook, which would become just a GUI shell.

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  • Patanjali, you might want to take a look at the Understanding Connected Standby talk from //build/.



    Thursday, December 15, 2011 9:21 PM
  • Thank Rob,


    That presentation shows that Microsoft is accutely aware of ALL the issues AND has a strategy to deal with ALL of them - as expected.

    I was worried because NO ONE was talking about these fundamental operational issues in discussions in the semi-technical blogs.

    One of the answers also stated that the build hardware was not Connected Standy enabled, which means that the Samsung XT700T that is currently running Win 7 will NOT be fully Win 8 ready. That was a worry of mine about the XE700. Now I will just forget it. I expect that there will be several devices closer to Win 8 release that will be ready (and may offer a free upgrade to Win 8 to boot!).



    Friday, December 16, 2011 7:06 AM