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    Hello IIS forum!

    Our website has been working flawlessly until recently - we noticed that some pages began to intermittently load slowly, hanging for somewhere between 10-30 seconds, sometimes loading successfully after a considerable wait, but in many cases leading the application in the app pool to hang for a long time, and sometimes requiring a manual restart of IIS.  Even restarting IIS takes a long time when it's hanging.

    The website is several years old and coded in classic ASP/VB - the pages seemingly causing the bother are fairly heavy ones in regard to sever side code with lots of recordsets etc, but have NEVER caused any problems until the last couple of weeks or so.

    The website app runs in 32bit compatibility mode set in the IIS apppool  

    Where things stand currently.

    • No changes have been made to our classic ASP application source code.
    • No applications were installed recently on the server.
    • No changes made to the website conf/app in IIS
    • Disk space looks fine. Disk check OK. CPU looks OK.

    What I have done so far without success:

    • Deleted website & app in IIS and recreated.
    • Isolated website in IIS - turned all other websites and apps off.
    • Uninstalled windows updates < 80 days (I have since reinstalled after discovering it made no difference)
    • Performed a system restore of server state/config < 75 days
    • Replaced hard disks and rebuilt array
    • Uninstalled & reinstalled classic ASP component via server management console.

    Despite the actions taken above I can still recreate the problem by simply making multiple requests to one of the dynamic pages. It may take a couple of minutes but I can force its hand soon enough.

    Things I've also tried:

    • Setup a failed trace request in IIS for the app and set the trigger to 20 seconds. I have examined some of the large xml files outputted in verbose  but can't see any actual 'errors' or 'warnings'. Just some repeated references to certain parts of the source code.  Just to reiterate. - this source code has been working perfectly for some years.
    • Tried older, known working versions of the source code just to make sure we hadn't accidentally changed anything.
    • Reinstalled 32bit mysql 5.1 driver ODBC (longshot)


    Please can someone help. I've been on this problem for 72 hours straight and have come to the end of the line for my knowledge and I don't know what else to do apart from ask for help.

    This is a live server and I need to resolve this quickly-  also willing to compensate an IIS engineer for looking at this in more detail to help me find a resolution.



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      Windows Server 2012 r2 with all updates.
      IIS 8 + SQL SERVER + remote MySQL via ODBC


      I have checked the local database & remote database we connect to and all looks good.   I am 90% convinced it's not the databases causing any delay.

      Remote database server 
    • CentOS 6.9 64bit / Linux 2.6.32-696.18.7.el6.x86_64)
    • Mysql 5.1.73

      What I have done so far on the remote database server:
    • Rebooted Server
    • Replaced disks
    • Restarted MySQL database
    • Repaired/optimised database & tables
    • Tried 2 year old version of the same database.
    • Checked my.cnf - all looks good.

      The problem definitely appears to be related to the worker process in IIS so believe I'm in the correct forum :)  Here are some more details:

    • The delay/hang appears to be only occurring on one page, but intermittently.
    • When the hang happens,  I can open another browser e.g. firefox - and view the page, that is until it hangs in that browser too. So it's the sessions themselves sometimes hanging forever or timing out.
    • I've isolated the website so no outside traffic/bots etc are hitting it and consuming resources while i test
    • There's some fairly heavy code in terms of the number of recordsets in the failing page - but it's previously been bulletproof.
    • source code hasn't changed.


    Tuesday, July 17, 2018 12:42 AM

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    Hi Jimbeam1980,

    I can see that you had tried almost all the things.

    Then also I suggest you to refer article below may give you some extra information, which may help you to solve your issue.

    Fix IIS website hangs

    If that not helps then I suggest you to open a case with Microsoft and support engineer will try to help you to find the solution.

     Disclaimer: This response contains a reference to a third party World Wide Web site. Microsoft is providing this information as a convenience to you. Microsoft does not control these sites and has not tested any software or information found on these sites; therefore, Microsoft cannot make any representations regarding the quality, safety, or suitability of any software or information found there. There are inherent dangers in the use of any software found on the Internet, and Microsoft cautions you to make sure that you completely understand the risk before retrieving any software from the Internet.

    Thank you for your understanding.



    Wednesday, July 18, 2018 7:41 AM