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    I read below link where it is given that using WCF with generics is not possible.

    In my desktop application I have more than 300 classes having function with a name InsertThisRecord.  Functionality of all functions are different, these functions uses different validation rules as per there corresponding tables.

    I have 1 func class & 1 tbl class with fields list of that table (entity class) corresponding to each table. InsertThisRecord function from func class takes table class object as argument & does the appropriate working

    Currently in my desktop application I am making object of func class & calling InsertThisRecord from that class. Now this InsertThisRecord working I want to shift it’s execution to server, so I want this code in WCF. If I continue to separate class in WCF it will end up with 300 WCF services on server. This is very difficult to manage. So I planned to make 1 class with generic function as InsertThisRecord. 

    If not WCF how I can achieve this.

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    Wednesday, June 11, 2014 8:15 AM