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    Has anyone made yet a document or program file (.cs, etc.) that might have available on it ALL of the various xml elements for a Presentation document (i.e., all <p:spTree>, <p:nvGrpSpPr>), in some sort of enumeration format, preferably with explanations of what kind of "object" would be held in one each of these elements, particularly with respect to how the object model would use the element?

    Hope this makes sense.  Basically, I'm trying to save some time by 1) having a complete list of all available elements, based on their xml files, in an enumeration format (for programming ease, etc.) and 2) how to map these xml-file elements to their equivalent assembly object (like SlidePart.ChartPart, etc. - which xml-file element corresponds to the ChartPart object and at what descendant level would it apply to - the MSDN entry on this does not have this info, etc.)?

    I hope this makes sense.  Is there a document that at least lists all the possible PresentationML elements and what level they are applicable at (I know of the vast PDFs ([MS-PPTX].pdf, etc.), but these are in XSD format and hard to read, etc.).  And yes, I kknw I'm asking for something that can be made because all the documentation is out there, I'm just wonder if someone (MSDN?) has gone to the trouble already to compile a comprehensive document for this.


    Wednesday, February 23, 2011 4:52 PM