New Sounds with LDCall.CallAsync ( 5 instruments , new-age techno sound ) with pulsar effect. RRS feed

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  • Here's a new program, which gives an example for how to use the LDCall.CallAsync command.

    This feature allows to run several events in a way independently. So in this example, there are 4 subroutines LDCall.CallAsync.
    3 for the background music, and 1 for the graphical representation on the screen.
    So Visual effects + audio effects.
    The sound effects are out of my imagination, you will hear a synthesizer  (the No. 81 Lead_1_square in LDmusic) as frame background, followed by a variation of some sounds like:
    94 Pad_6_metallic
    34 Electric_Bass_finger
    30 Overdriven_Guitar
    116 Woodblock

    a While loop, endwhile, is present in each subroutine as to make a repetitive sound pattern.

    the visual LDPhysic part :

    To the Visual part of the program, I was inspired by wonderful animation programs of Tryhest, who is a master in the Small Basic graphic animation. (the departure program that inspired me was the pendulum, Tryhest program)

    so i think it is new on this forum: mixing LDPhysic animation effect with LDmusic.Playmusic2 in a asynchronous way.

    program no: MSL673

    Monday, September 26, 2016 3:33 PM