Method 'Text' of object 'IInkedit' failed (run-time error -2147467259 (80004005)) RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I'm struggling with this problem since more than one month.

    I have an old VB code for a form inside Excel, which help us to collect data from various sheet in the same Excel file and prepares a Word file as output with such data.

    The code has been written (not by me, so I can't understand deeply some details or choices taken) some years ago with Windows XP and Office 2010.

    Then we passed to new OS and new Office without any problem, still using the same form.

    When I got a new laptop in July, with windows 7 (64 bit) and Office 2010 Professional Plus (32 bit), the form stopped working giving me back the above mentioned error code.

    The strange thing is that the same code is working with other laptops, also with ones with identical configuration as mine (win7 + office 2010).

    I've checked references, Add-ins, updated all the components (.NET framework, Office, Windows, ...)...but still remains something nasty on my laptop which is blocking the code. Please...try to suggest some ideas in where I could have a look...

    The incriminated section of the code is:

    Private Sub cmdProcess_Click()
        Me.Height = 455
        Me.inkManifest.Locked = True
        Me.inkManifest.Visible = True
        Me.inkManifest.Text = ""
        Me.lblProcessing.Visible = True
        Me.lblProcessing.Caption = "Processing:"
       Dim r As Range
       Dim sTempPath As String
       Dim sFileName As String
       Dim iType As Integer, iType2 As Integer, iType3 As Integer
       Dim onecell As Variant, i As Integer, bStart As Boolean, bRR As Boolean
       On Error GoTo FLSErr:

    Debugging stops at line in Bold, when the code tries to fill the attribute "Text".

    (FLErr is our handling of error message boxes).

    Please, any other info you might need, just ask.

    And thanks !

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  • Update:

    If I try to comment the line blocking the code (just to check what's happening):

    ' Me.inkManifest.Text = ""

    The code is blocking again, after doing its istances and function,

    when it gets to

    Me.inkManifest.Text = Chr(32) & sFileName & vbCrLf & Me.inkManifest.Text

    with the generic error "-2147467259" Automation Error - Unspecified Error - VBA project.

    So, I believe this inkManifest is generating the problem...but where?!?

    The reference to Microsoft InkEdit Control 1.0 is set.

    Getting crazy....


    I forgot to mention that I'm a total newbie with VB.

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