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  • I purchased a Dedicated server and installed Windows Server 2012 R2 and everything is working fine. I would be using it for my research and since it would be idle for most of time i have decided to run my COC bots on it.

    so my problem is.. my COC bots runs on image identification and sends keystrokes based on its image identified. so if i start the bot and close the RDP session or minimize it.. windows stops the graphic rendering and my bot stops.

    i have to take remote from the console and start bot, but since its dedicated server... HP Lightsout v2 is horribly slow. and fails most of time.

    second option was Teamviewer, but my bot does not works if it detects teamviewer on (due to that <--> buttons on titlebar)

    another option was to deploy Vmware/hyper v and create virtual machine.. but bot keeps disconnecting inside VM.

    One option i have is to buy another VPS and take RDP of the server from there.

    so will it work? or are there any alternatives?

    Thursday, March 3, 2016 10:43 AM

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  • Your requirement is that you need to logon to the console session and it needs to keep running.

    And it sounds as if your application has some requirement on the state of the display / video rendering / windows shell - something.  As if it is screen scraping.

    When you disconnect from RDP, there is a suspension of foreground applications.  They should continue to run, but there is no monitor.

    Virtual Machines should work.  You would use the Hyper-V Manager console viewer and not RDP nor Enhanced Session Mode to connect to the console of the VM.

    The other is to simply be at the console of the machine.  Radmin, Teamviewer, etc. give you that remotely and I am guessing disabling sleep, etc.

    Rewrite your app to properly run in an RDP session (not assume console).

    Brian Ehlert
    Learn. Apply. Repeat.

    Thursday, March 3, 2016 7:47 PM