Possible to hand in JS Object to WinRT C++ component? RRS feed

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  • Back in the old days, when doing the ABI stuff by hand, we had the IDispatch interface that all script objects had to implement. So we could have a method in our COM object that takes and IDispatch input param (or even VARIANT for the brave :) and could then call various named methods on this object from within out C++ code.

    In WinRT I have not seen such possibilities. Or would a WinRT method that takes a Platform::Object^ input be the way to achieve this? This object would then have IInspectable interafce implemented I guess but which interface would allow me to call methods on the (JS) object?

    All this I want to use to give the WinRT component some means to log into the application log file, which is done on JS side with the Logger object that has info,error,warn methods on it.

    Friday, March 27, 2015 3:00 AM

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