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  • Hello,

               Good Evening!!..we do have a requirement for the unit conversion in SSAS as mentioned below.

    . A measure group which contains the actual values. (in base unit)

    . An another measure group which contains the conversion rates. (conversion factors of Alternative unit of measure).


    Main Measure group :-

    Material   Value     Value (Alternative)

    10          100 KG                      ?

    20             50 Litres                 ?

    Measure group which contains the conversion rates

    Material  Base Unit  Alternative Unit  Conversion factor

    10           KG                G                     1000

    10            KG               BS                       30

    20             Liters           ML                   1000

    20             Liters            SD                      20

    The requirement is, we should need to provide a filter for choosing the alterative unit of measure from the dimenson. Baed on that, the corresponding conversion factor to applied for the calculation for the selected material.

    Please suggest the approch for calculating the Aleternative measure value based on the conversion factor available in an another measure group?

    Thank you!!



    Wednesday, May 16, 2012 5:23 PM

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