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  • Hi,

    Can someone please tell me where is the object pool for the COM+ library components created? Is a pool created at all? Is it on the caller process? Say I have an exe that uses a COM+ library component, where is the object pool created? Is it on the COM+ server or does my exe have a pool of these COM+ objects?

    The reason I ask this is that on Win2k8 when I look at the Pooling & Recycling properties of a COM+ library component it shows this message

    "Library applications have the recycling and pooling properties of their host process"

    I am not too sure if a pool is created at all if I try to invoke this from an exe. What if I try to invoke this from a WebService? Is there a pool or every call to the web service would create a new instance of this COM+ lib component?

    I know there are too many questions, but i am pulling my hair out from the past many hours for this.


    Tuesday, April 27, 2010 1:53 PM

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