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  • Just purchased Expression Studio and there seem to be tons and tons of files missing.  I purchased Expression Studio online, and it loaded everything.  But my laptop was stolen, so I had to call Microsoft and Digital River to reload the software.  They have sent me links to the trial version, which does not have all the files.  For example, one of the training videos says that Visual Studio comes in Exression Studio, but I don't have it.    I tried to call tech support but they seem to be clueless.  One of them told me the trial version is exactly the same as the one you purchase.  But I don't believe it.   Another example is the media player.  The media player was in the Expression I originally purchased, but not in the trial version that Digital River sent me afterwards.  It is a mess because I am lacking many resources, and I can't ge anyone to respond at Microsoft or Digital River.  any suggestions?
    Sunday, September 6, 2009 7:54 PM