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  • Hi All,

    I met a issue that related to domain server cache.

    we are using windows 2003 as domain server, 

    on this server we created several groups and users account, lets say as group1, group2 and user1.

    user1 belongs to both gorup1 and group2.

    Before we start, user1 was removed from group1. 

    At the same time we have 2 clients log into domain server with user1 credential.


          Client 1: 

                     Desktop computer: after login, information shows that user1 still belongs to group1.

    (we login with Windows API LoginUser(...) and retrieve group information with GetTokenInformation(...) )

                     CE terminal: after login, information shows that user1 doesn't belongs to group1 anymore.

                                                    (we login on CE with LDAP way)

    10 minutes about after the user1 was removed from group1, we do the same login on both platform, neither of them thinks that user1 belongs to group1. and this is what we want.

    Any body can help to explain why this happen?



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    Thursday, May 15, 2014 8:55 AM